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July 22, 2013
CTP Solutions enables advanced technology to reduce costs associated with billing customers while improving customer service and satisfaction. The system delivers PDF statements as interactive email attachments which directly link to customer support, previous statements, and payment portal.
June 25, 2013
CTP Solutions recommends an all-inclusive system that automates billing document processing. This solution can integrates with any enterprise resource to provide business access to order, billing and proof of delivery information and enable them to send that information electronically to the customers.
March 30, 2013
A Los Angeles plastic injection molding company requested a specialty printed label, to be designed, printed and delivered with a very short delivery time frame. The labels would be used to identify plastic trash containers which had already been delivered. Each trash container required sequential numbered identification labels before delivery was to be made to the residents in Portland, Oregon.
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Unique Personalization on Billing Documents

Presenting CTP Solutions E Cash Flow Cycle Management

The CTP Solutions software platform is a sophisticated framework that streamlines business interactions while delivering billing documents. These billing notices are sent electronically to customers in an interactive PDF form. Interactive PDFs present opportunities for decreasing print and mail costs as well as increasing revenue through targeted cross marketing in the form of personalized messages and advertising. Customer service is also improved because of the Interactive PDFs' self-help functionality. These goals are accomplished by converting customer documents into intuitive, full-color, electronic, personalized, interactive content that matches individual customer stored history. The cornerstone of the CTP Solutions technology is Interactive PDF's. More >

Clients are provided with an intuitive plug-in tool to develop data driven document composition. This tool empowers them to create a high volume of documents with complex layouts containing a range of variable data. More >

The CTP Targeted Content Manager (TCM) Platform provides a multipurpose solution for personalizing a large volume of documents. TCM permits placement of targeted messages and/or advertisements on printed or electronic documents based on business rules designed by the client. TCM also enables interactive voice response systems and customer service message prompts. More >

CTP Solutions seamlessly manages the 4 color printing and mailing of large quantity documents. Our print partners have the latest full color continuous feed roll printing, sorting, stuffing and metering technologies including the ability to provide 3- and 5-digit zip code discounts. More >

Interactive PDFs permit direct interaction with your customers using electronic documents such as monthly statements, invoices and bills. More >

The system provides fingertip access to stored documents from a web portal that permits a user to view detailed historical statements and notices. More >

CTP Solutions allows clients to leverage the latest analytical tools to increase the effectiveness of advertising, promotions, customer loyalty and cross marketing campaigns. We provide clients the capability of designing their own personalized marketing for customers to facilitate the accuracy of the analytics. More >

Secure online billing and invoicing solutions offer clients a custom payment processing solution arranged for almost any conceivable payment scenario. The system enables a range of payments from simple, one-time payments to scheduled, recurring, variable and partial payments, and then automates reconciliation with exception reports. More >

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